Year 6/7 Leaders

Congratulations to our Head students and Faction Captains on gaining their positions for 2014.  It has been great to see these year 6 and year 7 students taking on leadership roles.  Well done to all our Year 6/7’s  for earning the right to wear their blue leaders shirts.                                    Year 6/7 Head students and Faction Captains.




Parent Welcome BBQ

In week 3 of this term, the school held a parent welcome BBQ for parents and family members to meet their child’s teacher.  Thank you to all the parents who came along to join us.  We enjoyed Fantastic food and had a great time just having a chat with families.

Welcome to the 2013 School Year

Bluff Point has had a great start to the school year.  It is great to see that our students are in school uniform, attending school regularly and enjoying being at school.  We held the year 7 school leaders assembly on Friday, to announce our 2013 Head Students and Faction Captains.   More information and photos to come soon.

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.



The Yamaji Brothers from JWC

In week 4, students at Bluff Point Primary School were involved in NAIDOC celebrations and were entertained by the Yamaji Brothers dance group from JWC and special Guest Ernie Dingo. 


Ernie Dingo talking to Bluff Point students.

      Students had a great time listening to the stories about Ernie’s life.  All students were involved in activities throughout the week, learning about traditional and contemporary Aboriginal culture.

Harmony Day 2012

Harmony Day is all about celebrating all the different cultures within our community and what they bring to the community as a whole.   This week, our students have been involved in making coloured hands with pictures of themselves playing their favourite sport, which is the theme for Harmony Day this Year.  Our students then displayed the “Sea of hands” along Chapman Road for all to see.  Thanks to Rm 15 and 16 for their support of this project.

Bluff Point Primary School’s ABK Activity Arvo

Eating Pizza

On Friday, students who made good behavioural choices and have attended school 85% of the time, were able to choose which activity they would like to do at the schools ABK Activity afternoon.  Students were involved in making kites, playdough, cooking home made pizza and enjoying fun sports games,  just to name of few of the great activities our students were involved in.

Bluffy the Bluff Point Dolphin says –

Be Safe        Be Respectful       Be Responsible.